Windows P2V machine’s boot error status: 0xC000000E

Q. I’m working on developing a P2V solution for Windows machines. For one client I got the boot error: 0xC000000E (Info: The boot selection failed because a required device is inaccessible”). How to fix the boot error 0xC000000E for a Virtual Machine?

If this problem happens for physical machine check below link:

The error looks like this:


The explanation of the error is given nicely at:

Process to fix the corrupt BCD:

The tool used for fixing this is: BCDboot.
1. Mount the virtual hard disk VHD files on the Windows which contains Boot & System partition. (Boot & System partition can be on two different disk.) To know more about drive types check:
2. Lets assume your Boot partition is mounted at B:\ and System partition is mounted at S:\
3. Then use below commands to fix the corrupt BCD.

Save original BCD data

 cd S:\Boot
 ren BCD BCD.old

Run BCDboot to fix corrupt BCD:

This will fix both UEFI & BIOS based booting.

 BCDboot.exe B:\Windows /s S: /f ALL

If your HyperVisor doesn’t support UEFI booting use below command:

 BCDboot.exe B:\Windows /s S:

This will fix your 0xC000000E boot problem.